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Want to build a full-time, residual income? Or simply boost your present income?

Earn High Commissions on High Value Products and Services
I pay some of the highest dollar commissions on the Web. As one of my partners, you earn a 20% commission on each of my consulting products and a 40% commission on my soon to be released information products. But that's not the best part....

Get Lifetime residual commissions on referred clients!
The best part is, once you refer a client who invests in my products or services, that client belongs to you for life!

Most affiliate programs are used as a cheap way for companies to get lifetime customers, but they only pay their affiliates for the first sale. This program is different. Very different!

Any product or service your client ever buys from me generates an ongoing commission for you.

Result? Your income grows month after month. Your residual income can build true equity and financial security for you and your family.

Join and Start Earning Money TODAY!

Lifetime affiliate team working for you!
Want to earn even more? I will help you set up your own affiliate network. You earn a 10% commission from all of their sales. For life! In addition, if one of your previously referred lifetime clients joins the affiliate program at a later date, that affiliate belongs to you for life!

Extensive Support and Tested Tools to Help You Skyrocket Your Commissions!
Most affiliate programs just give you a banner ad and tell you “good luck”.
Not me, I take care of my affiliates! You will get proven and tested marketing tools, continuously updated guides and tips, and ongoing educational information. I am committed to your long-term success. You are my valued business partner and the fastest way to grow my business is by helping you grow yours!

Massive, Unlimited Earning Potential!
Revenue can increase very quickly, depending on how many customers you refer and how often they invest in additional products and services.

For example, let’s say that you refer a client who invests in an “Conversion Booster Video Website Evaluation™”. You would get $199.40 (20% of $997). Now, lets say that client likes the review and would like some help or additional consultation to implement the recommendations and ideas I give. The client now invests in a few hours of one-on-one phone consultation at $350 per hour. Most affiliate programs would just give you money on the initial sale, however as you know I pay you commissions for life on each referred client! So…. Three hours at $350 would give you an additional commission of $210.00 for a total of $409.40!

But it doesn’t stop there. Let’s say that once the client puts my suggestions and ideas into action his online sales skyrocket and he needs to hire full-time web and marketing staff. Who do you think he will have come in and train them? You guessed it! So, now 2 or 3 months after you referred the client to me you get another check for 20% of a 3 day, $8,385 on-site training session.

Bang! Another, $1,677 for a grand total of over $2,086.40, from just one referral! Wow!

Now of course not every client you refer to me is going to invest in a 3-day consultation package (but a few do!) However, you can see from this example that the income potential from one referred sale can become very large, very fast!

Join and Start Earning Money TODAY!

If you have any questions or comments about my affiliate program, please feel free to contact me!

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