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To help you promote your business and get the greatest return form your website, I have posted a few of my most popular business articles. I'll be adding new articles all the time, so come back often or subscribe to my Free Conversion Tips Newsletter to be the first to read my new articles. As Featured On Ezine Articles

Business and Marketing Articles by Eric Graham:

How to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment and Improve Conversion Rates By Downselling...
You’re probably familiar with up-selling and cross-selling. Perhaps you even employ these profit boosting tactics in your marketing.

But how about downselling?

The Shocking Reason Why Cheating Your Affiliates Costs YOU Money!
Recently I stumbled across a Clickbank merchant who was using a very sneaky method to cheat his affiliates. What this guy doesn’t understand is that he is not just cheating his affiliates... He’s cheating HIMSELF!

The Dirty Little Secret Nobody Tells You About Website Testing…
Nearly all "online marketing gurus" promote the benefits of conducting split tests and multi-variable tests on your website. But, few (if any) tell you the WHOLE truth about how to test, what to test and what results to realistically expect from your testing.

Do You Want To Sell More? Then Stop Trying To Be Everything To Everybody!
Far too many businesses (online or offline) define their target market as “anyone with a pulse and a wallet.” (Not always in that order.)

How to Maximize the Value of Every Website Visitor
While most marketers are beginning to understand the critical importance of maximizing conversion rates, few are tracking or working to maximize another critical measurement of website effectiveness...

Leading eCommerce Consultant Admits You Should Only Listen to One Real Expert! (And it’s not him…)
With dozens of so-called guru’s, consultants and experts ready and willing to give you (or charge you for) their advice, there is actually only one person you should listen to on a regular basis. Only one! (And it's not who you think...)

Differentiate and Grow Rich: The Critical Importance of a Strong USP
“With 50 other companies selling the same products and services as you, why should I do business with you rather than one of your competitors?”
If you can answer this question and answer it clearly, communicating it to your prospective customers in everything you do, your road to eCommerce success is paved with gold!

Developing a Successful Board of Advisors
Learn how to build a dynamic team of seasoned experts, successful entrepreneurs and leading CEOs, to help you expand your business and devastate your competition.

Boost Conversion Rates, While Lowering Merchant Account Fees!
Discover a tested, proven and virtually unused method to boost your conversion rates, reduce cart abandonment and actually lower your merchant account fees.

How One Word Or Even One Letter Can Boost Conversion Rates By Over 400%!
While reviewing the data of one of my consulting clients Google Adwords campaigns I stumbled across a few hard to explain results that perfectly illustrate the very large effect small differences can have on conversion rates.

Steve Irwin (The Crocodile Hunter)…an Absolutely Brilliant Marketer!
My daughters and I loved watching The Crocodile Hunter. Steve's Passion and enthusiasm for wildlife conservation were unmatched. But in addition to being a masterful entertainer and educator. Steve Irwin was also a brilliant marketer.

Improving Conversion Rates: The Best Investment You Can Make In Your Web Site.
Possibly the most misunderstood part of online marketing is improving conversion rates...

Improving conversion rates produces some of the greatest returns on investment of any activity you can engage in while trying to improve the sales of your web site.

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