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Website Evaluation Guarantee
    Your evaluation is backed by my personal Risk Free Total Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not absolutely convinced that my recommendations will boost your site's effectiveness, I will refund 100% of your money. GUARANTEED!
Your satisfaction with my work is GUARANTEED or you do not pay!

Consulting Services Guarantee
    I want you to be 100% happy with the work I do for you. Many people and companies say that customer satisfaction is number one , however I really mean it. This is more than just a slogan to me, it is my personal pledge to you.

    If you work with me long enough you will hear me say to you, "Just satisfying your customer is not enough. Customer satisfaction should be expected. If you truly want to serve your customers, you must go the extra mile and AMAZE them!"

I practice what I preach...

    Of course, I cannot guarantee specific results, such as promising you a certain conversion rate or search engine position. Anyone who makes you this type of promise is either uninformed or unethical.

    I can however guarantee you that if you honestly implement my ideas, suggestions and copy, you will see a noticeable improvement in your bottom line.

    My pledge to you is, If you give my suggestions and written copy a fair try and do not see improvements in your sales large enough to pay for my services, I will redo my work absolutely FREE! If after my revisions you still are not satisfied and do not see any improvements I will refund your money. It's that simple.

"Aren't you afraid that you will get ripped off by unethical clients that have you do work for you, but later claim that they are not satisfied just to get your advice and work for nothing?"

    Because my guarantee is so strong, and because I invest so much of my time into helping my clients, I often get asked this question.

My answer is simple. I believe that the vast majority of my clients are honest and ethical people.

    I also believe in the quality of my work. I have offered this guarantee from the start, and so far, nobody has ever asked me for their money back. Not one!

    Of course, if the day ever comes that someone does ask for a refund and I later find that they have left my suggestions and copy on their site, I will defend my copyrights and intellectual property. However, I trust my clients and I do not believe that this will happen.

I choose my clients carefully
    Because of my strong commitment to honest and ethical business practices, I do not accept projects from companies or individuals that practice unethical or deceptive tactics.

    My reputation and personal integrity are too important to me, to allow them to be tarnished by association with companies that are not committed to upholding the highest ethical standards.

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